Sunday, July 16, 2017

Rulebook Redemption

            Just wanted to point a fun fact I noticed last night...
            Page 161 of the new rulebook still lists the Relictors as one of the final defenders of Cadia, there for Lord Castellant Ursarkar Creed's last stand.  Two of their companies stayed to the bitter end.
            Two things about this...
            One, this doesn’t quite line up with the history we know. We know they were there.  We know they were following their own agenda, as a whole chapter. And because of this—and some other Puritan nonsense—they were declared traitors and supposedly fled to the Eye of Terror.
            So if the whole chapter was always off somewhere else all together, and then fled en masse... how did two companies end up defending Cadia at the very end?
            Possible answer—they came back. Space Marines have entered the Eye before.  The Relictors may have been finishing up their own business and then returned to do their job.  This could all be the spin job of one small faction of the Inquisition.  Heck, possibly just one Inquisitor.
            (Looking at you, Cyarro—possible Alpha Legion agent)
            More to the point—point two, in fact—the rulebook itself lists them as a loyalist chapter. It hasn’t shunted them over to traitor legions or heretic forces. The Relictors are clearly listed as one of the Imperial forces defending Cadia.  Their contribution hasn’t been excised or removed or rewritten.

            Fight fire with fire.

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